How to Drop 10 Pounds Fast by Drinking Iced Tea

Although it’s been around for thousands of years, people are just discovering what tea to drink to lose weight. Whether you’re well on your way to losing weight or just starting your weight loss journey, adding tea to your diet will help you get trim.

What is the best tea to drink to lose weight?
Yes, it is possible to lose weight with tea, especially if you drink it regularly as part of a healthy diet. For one thing, by swapping out high-calorie drinks such as many coffee drinks, alcoholic drinks, and soda, you can cut down hundreds of calories every day with little effort. You can also take advantage of teas’ many health benefits, including its metabolism-boosting powers. Several types of tea are typically mentioned when it comes to losing weight with tea, including black, green, oolong, and pu-erh tea.

All teas, including black, green, oolong, dark, and white tea, come from the same plant — Camellia sinensis. The difference in the taste of the teas is due to different treatments to the tea. Black tea is completely oxidized, and oolong tea is partially oxidized. Both teas go through a natural chemical reaction, which change the taste and color of the teas. Green and white teas are not oxidized. Oolong tea is in between black and green tea in regards to its color and strength.

How to Lose Weight With Tea: Pu’erh Tea
San Francisco’s got a hotspot for weight-loss advice: the tiny Vital Tea Leaf shop in its famous Chinatown district. On a typical afternoon, the narrow storefront is packed with locals, tourists, celebrities, even the occasional TV crew — all clamoring for the attention of resident tea guru Uncle Gee, a guy known for “sweetening” each patron’s drink with some pretty amazing advice. He can tell you which variety of tea is traditionally used to cure a hangover, insomnia, even high cholesterol. “But most people ask, ‘Uncle Gee, which tea will make me lose weight?’ ” reveals the lively 83-year-old, who still goes for a six-mile run and a four-mile swim most days before work.

“Tea makes you healthy, gives you energy, and makes you live long. Drink the right tea, and it will dissolve fat. That’s why Chinese people are so thin — because we’ve been drinking tea for 5,000 years!” Fear not, he adds; it takes mere days, not centuries, to see noticeable benefits from drinking more tea. In fact, Uncle Gee’s devotees report dissolving 10, 25, even 40 pounds of fat in a matter of months. And they each went home with the same tips Uncle Gee reveals right here.

Uncle Gee’s slimming tea regimen
“Pu-erh tea is the kind that breaks down fat best,” reveals Uncle Gee, who says all this tea wisdom has been passed down through his family for generations. “This is what Chinese families have on the table during their meals. I tell people, ‘If you want to lose weight, drink it with every meal while you eat.’” Benefits don’t seem to be as dramatic if you sip pu-erh — pronounced “pooh-air” — on an empty stomach, he notes.

Uncle Gee suggests at least 2 cups of pu-erh per meal. One brand we recommend trying: Yunnan Pu-erh Tea ($15.99, Uncle Gee also encourages you to sip tea between meals — particularly if you struggle with excess snacking. “Green tea cuts appetite the most,” he says. Enjoy at least three cups of the stuff throughout the day — regular or decaf, if you prefer — and your urge to eat will not only shrink, you’ll get a nice metabolism boost, too!

What about dieting? Uncle Gee keeps it simple: He says you should avoid excess grease, and stop eating when you feel full.

Pu-erh Tea and Green Tea for Weight Loss
Scientists confirm that, like all tea, both pu-erh and green tea contain antioxidants called EGCGs that have been shown to boost metabolism by as much as 6 percent. Plus, caffeine in tea can help amp up calorie burn by another 4 percent! And there’s so much more.

Pu-erh is a fat fighter! Kunming University in China began research to identify the slimming properties in pu-erh, a traditional remedy for weight problems. What did they find? The special fermentation and aging processes used to make pu-erh create a natural chemical called theabrownin that’s not found in other teas. And early evidence suggests it does exactly what Uncle Gee says. “It stimulates faster fat metabolism,” confirms San Diego tea expert Pam Brar, M.D. Pu-erh was also found to be particularly rich in a substance called gallic acid, which prevents some of the fat calories in the food we eat from ever being absorbed. No wonder Japanese researchers found that dieters who drank pu-erh lost more weight than other tea drinkers and resisted weight gain after they stopped dieting!

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