The Best Way to Run for Weight Loss

To tell the truth, I have never been a good runner, and I always preferred strength training. But since I have gone deep into fitness, I realized that it is so beneficial that I must not neglect it from my workout routine.

So, even if the beginning was hard because I was not used to so continuous and hard cardio training, now I love running. With the help of it I have been able to drop several pounds and my stamina is better than ever before. Running to lose weight was surely a great decision.

During the last months, I have tested several ways to run. I tried running with a constant tempo. I also examined to combine walking with sprint. And finally, I got the conclusion that combining the two is the best for me.

My main goal was weight loss, and I have never wanted to be a long distance runner. My routine is usually no longer than 30 minutes so that I can find time for it. It is not too hard, so I have enough energy for strength training as well. But it is still sufficient to burn more calories than with any other activities.

If you are a beginner, you can begin with shorter sessions such as 20-30 seconds, and as you get better, you can increase the time up to 1 minute. You may also want to have fewer repetitions at the beginning. As your endurance getting better, you can do more reps as well.

Sometimes I can do fewer reps, and I cannot sprint so fast, but I always try to perform at my maximum level. My aim to be breathless after sprinting.

Why I combine sprinting with walking? Because high-intensity interval training has proven to be extremely efficient for burning fat because it boosts the metabolism. Just think about the sprinters. They have great looking lean muscle mass. That is what I want!

However, this type of workout exhausts not only your body but also your nervous system. That is why I do it only twice a week and alternate it with slow running on the other days.

You can run for each and every day for a long time if you take in more calories than your body burns, you will never see weight loss.

Being on a balanced and healthy diet is critical for losing weight and providing the proper quantity and types of nutrients for your body.

Of course, there might be times when you eat too much on a day, or you cannot give your best during your workouts. And there is not any problem with that. We are human beings who sometimes slip. And sometimes we are not at the top mentally or emotionally.

The problem is when we give up because once we slip or cannot perform at the level we wanted.

The key, as with everything else in the life, is to keep moving forward. Giving up is not an option. Success is going to come if you are dedicated.

To sum up, you can lose weight by running but only if you focus on your nutrition.

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