“Satiety Sugar” Chengxin Nethong “Magic Drug” for Weight Loss Are these products reliable?

Japan’s various anti-obesity drugs and anti-obesity artifacts have always been the most popular products. In the past few years, the enzymatic weight-loss products are flourishing. This year, the new satiety sugar has exploded the network again. The selling price of satiety sugar in Japan is not much different from that in China, which is about 20 yuan. Candy is divided into different flavors, the biggest gimmick is the word “full belly 30 times”: the seeds in the capsule can expand 30 to 45 times when exposed to water, immediately suppressing the feeling of fasting. Drink water after taking a pill. It sounds like a compressed biscuit.

Some netizens showed the video experiment, grinding the candy and soaking it in the water cup, immediately absorbed water and swelled, and filled the whole cup with time, making the beauty lover more convinced of the effect of candy. But when you look at the comments you have actually made, the effect varies from person to person. Some positive comments said that “the stomach will swell after eating”, “eating at noon, not feeling very hungry by 5 p.m.” Others said that “more hungry after eating, is a good-smelling sugar” and “no feeling after eating”. Because according to the requirements of candy taking, while eating candy, we should drink water severely. Many netizens said that “it’s just a full drink”.

Years of enzymatic weight loss is more like “metaphysics”. There are different opinions about the effect, and some purchasers have clearly stated that “it is a psychological comfort”. Enzyme Tablets, Enzyme Plum, Enzyme Fudge… Various products emerge in endlessly, the most popular one is the decomposition enzymes from Japan. The product claims to be rich in ingredients that inhibit the absorption of fat, sugar and starch, so you need to take them before meals, and then you can rest assured that you can eat and drink, because whatever you eat will be “decomposed”.

But experts have repeatedly reminded us that enzymes have nothing to do with weight loss. Enzyme is not a new thing. In fact, it is the name of “enzyme” in Japan and Taiwan. Because most enzymes are proteins, the intake of proteins through the mouth, stomach, small intestine, etc., is decomposed into amino acids and oligopeptides and absorbed. That is to say, no matter what protein you eat, the amino acids that eventually enter the body have nothing to do with fat burning and weight loss.

Sweating is not equal to burning fat

Weight rises as soon as water is replenished

It is self-evident that thin leg cream and fat burning ointment are attractive to women who want to lose weight. Use method needs to cooperate with 5 to 10 minutes of massage, then the skin feels tightened and hot, giving people a psychological hint that “fat is burning”. “When you use it, wrap it in a fresh-keeping film and feel hot and hot,” many users commented.

However, these products have been clearly refuted by experts for many times: external products such as weight loss cream can not exert any influence on the body’s fat metabolism process. The use of any kind of weight loss cream requires massage, hot compress, etc., so the real effect is massage, weight loss cream only plays an auxiliary role. And some ingredients in massage cream will aggravate the loss of water in the body, leading to dehydration, such as caffeine, aescin and so on.

Similar in principle are sweaty clothes, weight-loss bags, etc., which give people the impression of burning fat and losing weight by sweating a lot. For example, sweaty clothes, said to wear it 10 minutes of exercise sweat equivalent to the usual amount of an hour; Chinese medicine slimming bag, when used, put on the belly button, then cover the quilt, heating with an electric blanket, so that the temperature is always maintained at 30 to 50 degrees Celsius, it sounds like sweating.

But sweating doesn’t mean losing weight! The main reason for the poor weight reflected before and after sweating is that the body loses a lot of water. Such weight loss is only a temporary phenomenon, after the water, weight will rise again.

Substitute meal powder weight loss, as the name implies, is not eating three meals a day, only drink a cup of powder granules. To tell you the truth, it’s still hungry. The principle of substitute meal powder is that energy intake is less than energy consumption. Substitute meal powder can give yourself a hint of diet control, in order to achieve the goal of weight loss. But the nutrient content of substitute meal flour on the market is often uneven. Even some cereal meal substitute powder, vegetable and fruit meal substitute powder, nutrition is not up to the body’s daily recommendation, so it is not recommended to eat all three meals.

And the price of substitute meal powder is not low. It’s better to go to the supermarket to buy some good ingredients and make your own fat-reducing meals to be healthy.

If you want to lose weight, you still need to balance your diet, ensure a scientific and nutritious diet, and adjust your daily energy intake according to your own situation, while ensuring that you have enough exercise time every day. In order to lose weight, it is a trivial matter to spend some money wrongly, but the negative impact on the body is really worthless.

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