What is an eight-hour weight-loss method? It really works.

Recently, in a Japanese variety show, an eight-hour golden diet without exercise was introduced, which simply means eating within eight hours, eating all three meals a day, and not eating for the remaining sixteen hours. This 8:16 weight loss method has been popular with many food and lazy people for a time, but this seemingly simple eight-hour weight loss method, is it really reliable?

Principles of the eight-hour weight loss method:

  1. Solve three meals in eight hours

Suppose you are a person who likes to get up early and eat breakfast. If you eat breakfast at 8 a.m., then lunch and dinner will end before 16 o’clock. If your first meal starts at 12 o’clock, you can eat normally until 20 o’clock in the evening. As long as you follow the rules of three meals in eight hours, you can decide according to your eating habits.

2.8 hours at the same time

Eight-hour weight loss method is mainly to adjust the body time to improve metabolic rate; if possible, try to set the first meal of the day at the same time, for example, every morning at 9 o’clock to eat the first meal, which will make the effect of weight loss better.

  1. Be careful not to overeat within eight hours. Drink water for the remaining sixteen hours.

It’s okay to eat anything in 8 hours, but to eat enough dessert and hot pot, we should avoid it. This kind of food that will accidentally overeat is better not to go, so that we won’t accidentally take in too much calories. Although you need to finish your meal within 8 hours and then you can’t eat any other food, you can still drink water, which keeps your metabolic capacity in good condition.

Is the eight-hour diet really reliable?

In fact, the eight-hour weight loss method is mainly to reduce visceral fat, because it limits the dietary time and changes the use of energy in the body. The remaining energy in the stomach and intestine is converted to consumption, in which the energy used by metabolism is reduced. But the food will be digested within 8 hours of the day, and the remaining 16 hours, the stomach and intestine are empty. So the energy that should have been used for digestion is converted to metabolism, and fat burns.

Although the eight-hour weight loss method can effectively burn fat, but Xiaobian still advises you to use cautiously. Let’s leave aside the question of whether the calories you eat willfully during these eight hours will exceed the limit. In the long-term fasting state, the stomach is stimulated by gastric acid mucosa, there is no food in the stomach to neutralize, and over time, it is prone to gastrointestinal diseases. If you exercise on an empty stomach, it will increase the burden of the liver and lead to arrhythmia.

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